Raymond James® Investment Services

Investment Process

In line with our philosophy our Investment Process is designed to actively adapt to take advantage of volatile capital markets. We aim to deliver above average returns through a process which begins with Global news and research on economies and markets and evolves to selecting individual stocks and funds.

We believe assessing and managing risk is the best way to deliver above average performance over the longer term. The financial markets throughout the world are more correlated making traditional diversification of portfolios through asset allocation and geographic boundaries far less effective. Our process comprises strategic diversification through using typically 15 to 20 ongoing themes. This lets us target allocation across strategies with different timescales to reduce risk further.

Active Portfolio Management

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The above highlights the depth of our process and illustrates the breakdown from the larger Macro environment to more detailed financial and technical Micro level.

Clients will learn more about the robustness of this process and how it can work for them.